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San Diego Shredders


San Diego Shredders is dedicated to the highest level of security while pledging unsurpassed customer service. Being locally owned and operated, we understand the unique concerns of San Diego businesses and residents.

Paper Shredding Services Available

With our many and varied flexible services, we are sure to satisfy your personal or your company's particular compliance and privacy needs. We offer weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, on-call, and one-time purge services.We have a truly cost-effective program for absolutely everyone. A Certificate of Destruction is provided with all of our services. We are conveniently available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. All of our shredding services far exceed FACTA, HIPAA, and NAID standards and requirements.

Scheduled Document Destruction Service

Our practical and attractive security bins are available at no charge to you for as long as you use our service. We stock four different sizes/styles to meet your needs. Convenient scheduled pick-up service is available from $13/month. 24-hour response time for off-schedule or emergency pickups GUARANTEED. Call or email us for exact pricing.

Purge Service

Priced as low as $50 for one-time purge service. Prices are quoted per standard file box , pound, or gallon (please see our "Weights & Measures" page). If a unit of measurement is unavailable, we will be happy to quote an equal hourly rate to the aforementioned measured rates. Call or email us for exact pricing.


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